Balancing Our Communities One Drop At A Time

  • Donated Over 1,000 PH9 Generator Cups To Underserved Communities in 2019

Hydrate The Hood

Hydrate The Hood is a progressive health initiative focusing on the amazing benefits of alkaline water and providing that water to underserved communities.

It is our goal to increase the knowledge of self-nourishment while providing better quality water to our neighborhoods locally and abroad. Our mission is to educate the public on the importance of healthy safe drinking water and the benefits of adequate nutrition. 

Our goal for 2020 is to reach a minimum of 30 communities. Together, we can end the water crisis.


Join The #HydrateTheHood Campaign! #H2OForAll

With the purchase of a PH9  Alkaline Generator Bottle today, #HydrateTheHood will donate a PH9 Alkaline Generator Bottle to an individual in an underserved community!

PH9 Generator

The  worlds first and only portable alkaline water generator without (expensive) filters. A unique innovation in alkaline water!

PH9 Generator is medically approved with the following benefits:

• Powerful antioxidant 

• Provides lots of energy by providing much oxygen

• Increases metabolism

• Efficient recovery after exercise

• Breaks down water molecules into smaller clusters for better absorption

• Contains and releases minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron among others

• Helps with digestion

• Sterilizing effect on (tap) water

• Positive effects on skin and diet

"Change Your Water, Change The World."

With every purchase of a PH9 Alkaline Generator Bottle #HydrateTheHood will provide a bottle to an individual in a underserved community!

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