About Us



Access and availability to SAFE and HEALTHY drinking water should be a basic human right and not a luxury. We decided we wanted to do something about this issue and begin to solve the problem. As a result, the #HydrateTheHood Campaign is to push for safe and healthy drinking water.

#HydrateTheHood is a progressive health initiative focusing on the amazing benefits of alkaline water and providing that water to underserved communities.

It is our goal to increase the knowledge of self-nourishment while providing better quality water to our neighborhoods locally and abroad. Our mission is to educate the public on the importance of healthy safe drinking water and the benefits of adequate nutrition.

 Our goal for 2020 is to reach a minimum of 30 communities. Together, we can end the water crisis.

For every PH9  Alkaline Generator Bottle sold, one will be given back to an underserved community. #HydrateTheHood


Our Advisory Board:

Evan Lindsey
Nashville Predators - Corporate Development Manager 

“Hydrate the Hood’s dedication go to providing safe, clean water and educating the importance of daily consumption is inspiring. It’s a community initiative I definitely want to support and dedicate my time to.” 

Jimmie Strong
Attorney - Baker Donelson 

"I'm serving on the HTH Advisory Board to do my part in making clean water and nutrition, health, and wellness information available and accessible to everyone."

Josh Schaffer
Operations Stand Down Tennessee

“I have seen firsthand the troubles the veteran community faces and I am inspired by Hydrate the Hood's mission to help those less fortunate.”