Fredrick Miller

Fredrick Miller's story was the sole inspiration behind Hydrate the Hood. There are many people in our communities that have similar experiences.

"Thanks to exercise and alkaline water my blood pressure is down to 133."

Shawn B. 

"I went to my doctor for a check up 3 months ago and my doctor said my numbers were lower than they ever been."

Regina H.

"If you are having any kind of blood pressure issues or any kind of medical issues this PH9 Generator water bottle works miracles."

Darius W.

"I am down 20 lbs, definitely worth investment."

Nyakia C. 

"I am a loyal customer of PH9, I lost over 75 lbs, over a two year span."

D.J Merriwether 

Beyond the Diamond

CEO and Founder

"I never drank water before, now I drink water everyday."